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Sunday Lunch - 20th July 2014

The Intendant-General would like to thank all those Worthy Knights of the Division with their ladies and friends who supported the Sunday Lunch at The Mayfair Hotel, Bournemouth.  There were nearly 40 in attendance and the raffle raised £180 for the Grand Sovereign’s Care for Children Fund.  Thank you to all those who supplied prizes.


Ill.Kt. D.B.F. Burt, P.G.St.B.(C.)

Ill.Kt. C.R. Davies, P.G.W. of R.

First Appointments

P.Kt. R.F. Micklefield

P.Kt. A.T. Honnor

and through the Thames Division

P.Kt. J.P. Deakin

to Past Grand High High Chancellor

to Past Grand Chamberlain

Past Grand Prefect

Past Grand Warden of Regalia

Past Grand Warden of Regalia

Divisional Appointments  The Right Illustrious Intendant-General is pleased to announce that at the Divisional Meeting to be held at Wareham on Saturday 11th October 2014 he will be pleased to make the following appointments and promotions: Promotions  P.Kt. P.A. Bell P.Kt. R.A. Snowsill to Past Sword Bearer to Past Standard Bearer (C.)

Two New Divisions - 14th April 2014

The Salisbury Guildhall was full with Worthy Knights to witness the creation of the two new Divisions of Dorset & Wiltshire and of Hampshire & Isle of Wight by the Grand Sovereign, M.Ill.Kt. Richard Victor Wallis assisted by Officers of Grand Imperial Conclave.


Venerable Eusebius

Senior General

Junior General

High Prelate






Sword Bearer

Deputy Marshal



Standard Bearer (C.)

Standard Bearer (L.)


Warden of Regalia

Assistant Recorder


Herald (1)

Herald (2)





Ill.Kt. R.S. Stacey, P.G.St.B.(L.)

Ill.Kt. D.J.W. Willcock, P.G.Pref.

Ill.Kt. D.M. Townend, P.G.W. of R.

Ill.Kt. A.T. Honnor, P.G.W. of R.

P.Kt. L.T. Brookes

Ill.Kt. A. Curley, P.G.Pref.

P.Kt. C.E.W. Swain

Ill.Kt. G.W.G. Ridge, P.G.Chamb.

Ill.Kt. R.F. Micklefield, P.G.Pref.

P.Kt. A. Tykocki

Ill.Kt. R.B. Jowett, P.G.Chamb.

P.Kt. A.S. Brass

P.Kt. B.J. Howes

P.Kt. G.T. Hatch

P.Kt. A. Kelly

M.P.Kt. R.G. Wilson

Ill.Kt. C.R. Davies, P.G.Chamb.


Ill.Kt. J.W.D. Bull, P.G.Pref.

P.Kt. A.J. Green

P.Kt. P.J. Greenwood

M.P.Kt. M.E. Lound

W.Kt. P.J. Montgomery

W.Kt. M.J. Strafford

Em.Kt. B.K. Hobbs